betssonBetsson is an online bookmaker, owned by one of the largest gaming groups in the world, the Swedish company Betsson AB. Being a diversified gambling site, Betsson offers sports section (with over 30 sports), casino, poker, games and bingo. Customer support offers a fast response time, available 24/7 via live chat support, email, or telephone. Both new customers and existing customers can benefit from a lot of promotions every month along with some great welcome bonuses.

Betsson Info

Betssonbookmaker €75 bonus*
more Betsson bonuses
Live BettingYes
Live StreamingYes
MobileYes (web optimized or apps)
Odds FormatEU, UK, US
For Customers inEurope

*Bonus T&Cs apply. 18+. New users only. Locked amount + Bonus amount must be wagered 10x at a minimum odds of 1.50. Minimum payment amount is €10 and Maximum bonus is €75. Minimum Deposit is €10.

Betsson offers more than just sports betting. Users will also find here casino, games, bingo and poker sections.

Betsson betting platform review: How does it compare to the competition?

Betting as a whole changed at a very rapid pace, faster than anyone anticipated initially. This change, this evolution in the betting industry led to more and more brands having the possibility to be present (thanks to the internet) and also making the environment saver (also thanks to the internet). In terms of online betting, in our days, there are hundreds and hundreds of betting websites spread among the countries of the globe. The competition being somewhat high in this sector, the big players in the game need to innovate constantly so that the consumer won’t leave the platform. A movement that is encountered not only in the betting industry, but also in the tech niche, sales, e-commerce and so on. Innovation is the key of success! On that note here at Betting Views we try to filter as much as we can the online betting platforms and recommend to you only the cream of the crop so you don’t have to search for hours and hours the internet (i guess it will take even longer than that). On that note, today will discuss a bit about a popular betting platform called Betsson.

In this article will provide you a quick overview of the company and its history, the sections available on the website, the general experience with the site and also the conclusion. Without any further ado, let’s get to the chase. Betsson is one of the leading betting services platforms in the online field. The company’s ties to this field can be traced back when John F. Kennedy was elected as President of U.S. In 1963 Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundström ran a business called Cherryföretagen AB that provided slot machines for restaurants in Sweden. In the year 1998 Cherryföretagen AB (known as Cherry) bought a few shares in Net Entertainment with built online gaming solution and a few year later Cherry acquired all the shares in Net Entertainment (the year 2000). Cherrys this to Betsson started in the year 2003 when the company bought into Betsson. Betsson at the time had a gaming license in UK and later on acquired one for Malta. 2006 was the year on which Cherryföretagen changes his name into Betsson and moved its traditional gaming activities to a new group called Cherryföretagen that later on changed its name back in Cherry. As of now the company has 1800 employees and revenue of over 400 million $.

Now let’s take a look at the main website sections and say a few words about each one.

Betsson has the following website categories:

  • Sports (with Live Sports)
  • Casino (with Live Casino)
  • Poker
  • Games
  • Scratch
  • Bingo

Let’s take a look closer on the categories and see how it is the overall experience inside them.


The most popular category for every online betting website is the Sportsbook. Here you can place your bet on favorite athletes or teams with just a few clicks. The betting experience on Betsson is pretty standard and we didn’t noticed anything strange or weird in the course of our in deep analysis. In the middle of the Sportsbook category there are some quick links that may help you find the matches, races or athletes that are competing live or in the near future.As on any other betting website, in the left side of the screen are all the sports that are available for online betting. Here you can encounter: Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Cricket, Cycling, Formula 1, Volley and subcategories that are not really sports related like Film betting, Politics and Business or even Music.

We must say that the sports offer is fairly vast and the addition of the „specials” like Music and Film betting is a huge plus if you ask us. It provides another layer of diversity for the end-user that might be interested in them and it’s a plus, even though it may seem weird, but not all of users are experienced with sports so it’s a middle point for betting. In terms of the betting process, it’s the standard one. Click on the sport you are interested in and select a country or competition type, then the confrontations will appear. Select the odds for the games you are interested in and the odds will appear in an instant in the right side of the screen on the betting slip.

If you want to experience the Live betting experience, click the button found in the left side menu. After you clicked it the interface color will shift. We find it cool and at the same time helpful. Because the colors changed, you will know that this is the Live betting interface and may improve your experience with the platform when you are in a hurry. The number of sports in the Live section is limited. You can choose from Football, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball. Also the number of matches available for betting varies from day to day (this is expected and it’s generally encounter in the online live sports books section). In terms of the bets, they are super easy to place and after placement you can review the progress in your account.


As winter starts to hit Europe and other parts of the World, getting outside becomes a more tedious process. If you are in the mood of enjoying a Casino experience without leaving your apartment, Betsson has you all set. On the website you can find a entire section dedicated to Casino type games. The grand majority of them are slots in different shapes or forms, and games that urges you to try your luck. In this section the games are beautifully separated in a few categories like: Video Slots, Slot Machines, Table Games, Video Poker, Jackpot Games and Betsson Classics. By hovering with the mouse arrow on the games, a popup window will appear explaining the game and also without entering the games, you can see some relevant info like the support for mobile devices in the form of tiny icons. What is neat, beside the large number of available games, is that fact that the grand majority of the games are available for testing in a demo mode (Practice mode on the website). Here you can experiment the gaming mechanics, the look and feel and most importantly… see it with your own eyes.

As for the optimization, the games run super smooth and load fast on the browsers we’ve tested them on (Opera, Chrome, Safari). As a note, the games require Adobe Flash player to function. If the classic Casino experience doesn’t really impress you, we’re happy to inform that a Live Casino experience is available also for those who seek the adrenaline rush of a real time game. In this section we see mostly table and card games that are so popular in real life casinos. More precisely we are talking about Roulette, Golden Ball, Blackjack in different variations, Hold’em and the all so appreciated around the world, Baccarat. In order to take advantage of the live experience, you need to create an account! There is no test mode available here. But the support on the website is great! So if you have any questions you can quickly and easily send a message to Betsson support staff and they can get you up and running in no time.


There is no card game that compares to Poker. It’s one of the most engaging games that you can play in the online environment. Betsson has a website category dedicated specifically to Poker. In order to be able to access the client you need to install it on your computer or run it directly in the browser. A huge, huge plus from us is the fact that Betsson has developed a Windows and Mac client! It’s one of the few betting websites that has developed a Windows and MacOS client. The majority of the online betting website only has a Windows client, not even an online one. But not Betsson! They respect the consumer and offer them the possibility to enjoy a table of poker even though their choice of an operating system is not that common. As a result you can enjoy a Poker game on Windows, MacOS and even on Linux through the online Poker client.

This decision deserve a round of applause and we hope that in the near future more online betting website will adopt a similar strategy (its 2017, they should adapt to the consumers behavior already). As for the Poker client, the interface will be familiar for most of you. Well it will be if you have tried your luck with other poker clients. The functionality is the same compared to others, but the interface is different. On the top part of the interface you have the options, the tables are display in the middle with relevant information for the game in play (stakes, limit, seats etc.) and the Cashier is placed in the corner of the interface. What we should point out is the fact that the interface can suffer modifications in the future thanks to updates, so take the information as it is. The games that are available in the client are: Hold’em, Omaha, Blaze and Others with stakes that are low as 0.05$. When you decide on a table, the waiting time to enter is insignificant and the performance is good. Another note is the fact that you need a somewhat decent internet connection in order to no experience lag and freezes.


We discussed above the Casino section that had mostly slot type games. Well, in the Games section things stay a bit different. Even though Slots are still present, they are centered on other themes, themes different from the casino one (like X Men, Casper the ghost or Zuma as examples) also here are virtual sports available, virtual betting, pinball, keno, hi lo and others. What we find nice is overall arrangement of the interface and the helpful widgets placed in the right side of the screen that shows you relevant info like the latest winners. The games are separated nicely in subcategories placed in the left side of the screen, also you can filter them by different variables like the Most popular or New games implemented in the platform. Demo modes are available here also for you testing purposes. Nothing negative to point out as for now, the gameplay and options are just what you need.


Do you remember the scratch cards that you bought when you were little from small betting shops or stores? Wheel this category is dedicated to them, but it brings the scratch card methodology and thrill to the 21 century. How?

With a complete and thrilling gaming experience right inside your browser. The games are separated in 5 categories: Classic Scratch, Sports Scratch, Fantasy Scratch, Casino Scratch, Slots Scratch. On each category you fill find game skinned accordingly with a few slot machine games. This type of games can be played by anyone, just because you don’t need to know complicated rules, you just have to place a few clicks here and there. Another thing to mention is the fact that the winning potential in this section can be really significant, if you are really good at guessing.


If you are more inclined toward Bingo, you have a few bingo games available on the website also a dedicated category. In the category the types are listed as usual in the left and the game types that are available are: 90 ball and 75 ball with different rooms and starting times. The starting time and prices are listed in the front of each game. Inside the Bingo client you have some mini slot machine, table and video poker games. Those are meant to help you kill time until the next game stars, also can bring you extra cash. You cannot test play the games, you need an account in order to get the access to place a bet. Until now things are pretty standard (minus the mini games inside the Bingo client, this is a new approach) but there is a Bingo Room that has a 0 entering price. Yea, you read that right! 0 entering fee! Also out of it you can get €10 which is better than nothing.


Registration is extremely fast and easy as is expected from a brand with over 50 years experience like Betsson. Reducing friction seems to be their strong point. The form is nicely laid out in one single page and is super easy to submit. All you have to do is complete you personal information and send the form. The information that is inputted must be legitimate in order to pass the verification process, also you need to be at least 18 years of age in order to be able to successfully create an account on Betsson website.


The payment options are decent but we’ve seen a wider variety on other websites. But nonetheless, this should affect any user in theory. No matter what your country is you should be able to deposit and withdraw money, only if the websites supports registration for your country of course. As payment options we are looking at methods like direct bank transfer, Visa, Maestro or MasterCard, services like Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, PaySafeCard. As a note, not all the methods are available for withdraw, also some of the methods may have a small fee. Please take a look at the website Payment Options section (at the bottom of the page) for more details.


Betsson handles a fair amount of private information that needs to be safe kept and encrypted in case of any unexpected breaches or spoofing. And as it turns out id does a really good job in this department also. The website uses a private connection that is   with a SSL certificate (with a really strong encryption key). In short this is assuring the end user that the activity that he does on the website cannot be traced by any unauthorized 3rd parties. In the Privacy policy the company specifies clearly how you’re processed and how they may use it for advertising which is a great thing. Transparency from the company side is extremely well received in this field. The use of cookies is present here for marketing purposes and for improving the performance of the website, with is a great thing again.


As you already know, on the internet, there are hundreds upon hundreds of betting platform. They have different identities, different ways of approaching the betting space. But unfortunately, not all of them are worth your time. In the case of Betsson we must say that it’s a platform design for those who are new to the game or simply want a simple and reliable experience. They don’t have fancy options or a futuristic interface, it’s simple and it works great. A large number of betting options are present that can satisfy even the worst critics and they provide an excellent support and privacy. The minor downside is the limited number of payment methods, but at least it uses the most common ones.

As a final note, Betsson is one of the best online betting platforms and we encourage you to give it a try. Also you can check your other reviews on our website.

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