comeonComeOn is one of the newest bookmakers in the markets, which has developed very fast so far, making itself a brand worthy of respect in the sports betting market. Established only in 2008, ComeOn now has two sections that offer odds for sporting events and live betting. They offer odds for a lot of sports, especially focusing on the major sports leagues and competitions. Besides sporting events, at ComeOn you can also find several betting options such as special entertainment events, politics or music competitions.

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ComeOnbookmaker €10 bonus*
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Live BettingYes
Live StreamingYes
MobileYes (web optimized or apps)
Odds FormatEU, UK, US
For Customers inUK, Europe

*18+. Bonus T&Cs apply. New UK customers only. To qualify you first need to open an account and deposit £10. You will then need to place a single sportsbook bet of £10 with minimum odds of 1.8 to qualify for a £10 free bet token.

Comeon offers more than just sports betting. Users will also find here casino and poker sections.


ComeOn: How is the betting experience in one of the newest bookmakers platform?

In the online betting industry there are a few brands who have years of experience in the field that build up awareness and notoriety with time. The list is not that large, this is because you have to constantly evolve the image of the brand and also to make sure that the customers is satisfied by the way you are managing the platform. There is no betting platform that had succeeded without high customer satisfaction and a large number of categories put together in a smart manner. That’s why some of the online gambling sites lost and got bought or closed altogether, because they failed in doing so.

But…you don’t have to be old to know your stuff. For a few years now are starting to appear more and more sportsbooking websites. Sportsbooking websites that surpass the general public expectations of them to succeed.

One of those sites is ComeOn founded back in 2008 and it’s owned by Co-Gaming Ltd. A number of specialists in the sportsbooking industry didn’t had the confidence to say that the website will thrive. Well, i guess they were all wrong after all. ComeOn increased in popularity and gained traction really fast and made its way through the big boys in the betting industry. As of now the platform is available in a number of countries and the website interface supports languages like: English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and others. The website sparked our interest and we had to review it. Now wi’ll take you with us in a journey, in the words to follow, explain how was the general user experiance regarding ComeOn and if we encountered difficulties in our betting endeavor.

Any question you may have regarding the platform that we didn’t answer for you in this review, please leave them in the comments section below or engage with our forum members.

Let’s see which are the main website categories:

  • Sports (with Live Sports)
  • Casino (with Live Casino)
  • Poker

Now we’ll take each one individually and say a few remarks.


Sports has to be one of the most popular sections of any betting website. So it’s very important that the user experience is flawless, otherwise you risk customer insatisfaction. In the case of ComeOn, the user experience it’s extremely well optimised and put together. When you first access the page you will feel right at home. In the left are all the sports types and a few handy quick links like: Today’s Events, Live Betting and Top Events that make it easier to place a bet when you are in a hurry. All the competitions are listed in the middle and the betting slip it’s on the right side of your monitor screen.

When you decided on which matches you want to bet, select the odds and you will see them in the slip. Nothing special this far, but the betting slip has a few tricks up his sleeve. Besides the standard, well known Single bet system, you can place Combo bets and System bets. If you don’t have a clue what they are, in short, Combo and System bets let you combine multiple matches and achieve in some cases better results compared to the Single bet system. Before we move on to the next section, we must mention the sports that are available in the website. ComeOn offers the following sports for the consumer to bet on: Football (Soccer on the website), Tennis, Ice Hockey, Handball, Golf, Darts, Boxing, Winter Sports, Rugby and so on. Also there are a few special categories ones like eSports or XFactor.

If you dig even deeper in the sports subcategories you will find also Virtual Sports Betting. We really don’t have an idea why they buried this category here, it’s bad for the user experience but it’s there if you are interested. Here are only 3 sports that are available: Football, Horse Racing and Greyhounds racing. The competitions are just a few minutes long and they are randomly generated to ensure a fair play. In terms of the betting experience, we have nothing to add, it’s as stated above. You select the odds then place the bet.

For those that are not that inclined towards virtual betting or pre-match, pre-race betting there is Live Betting. Live Betting can be accessed from the Main menu, or the sports side bar (huge plus for quick navigation) and offers you a list of matches that are ongoing. In terms of sports availability the list comes short and can vary from day to day. Some of the sports featured in the live betting section are: Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey. What come in handy here is that they provide you with a calendar to see the upcoming LIVE competitions. Also for Live Betting and Pre-match betting there are statistics available. In the stats tab you can see the history of the competition’s, overall scored points of the teams and so on. This is an ingenious and very helpful addition that can assist the customer considerable in some situation when they want to bet smart with a strategy. Overall, the Sport category offers a good experience with a great selection of sports and handy tools that can maximize the user’s wins in some cases.


You want to go to the Casino but you don’t have one in town? Or if you got one, maybe you want to stay at home. Well ComeOn comes in handy once again with their Casino category. In the Casino category you will find popular games that are in real life casinos around the Globe. To mention a few there is: Blackjack, Roulette, Table Games, Slot Machines, Video Slots, Video Poker. Each game has some different iteration with a different gameplay and feel. All the games are run and maintained by one of the leading game developers in the online casino industry (NetEnt). This ensures the player that the games are not rigged and also provides constant optimizations to the games. All the games can be ruled in a demo mode to see if there are interesting at all for you or not, a huge plus in our book! And they work very well on all the browsers and operating systems that we tested them. (tested on Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Windows, macOS and Android).

But the games above are run in an offline mode by algorithms, in some cases you may find the gameplay boring after a period of time. We understand, but we are happy to tell you that a Live Casino section is available. Here is a LIVE video feed broadcasted, with a host that operates the games and assists you for the entire duration of the game. The games available in the Live Casino section are: Roulette, Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Baccarat, Hold’em. Some of the games like Hold’em and Roulette come in different versions with a slightly altered look and feel, but the gaming experience is the same.


Poker is available on ComeOn through a dedicated client that you have to download into your computer and install. The downside here is that the client is available only for Windows users, Mac or Linux users are out of luck. The Poker client interface is not available through the web unfortunately. In the client you can choose the game type and the limit that you are willing to deal with. On each table you can see the available seats, flops and the average pot with the detailed players stats (if there are any). You can enroll in tournaments and join satellite tables that can lead you to bigger competitions. Also from the client you can choose to jump to sportsbooking or Casino. For the most part the Poker client is stable and solid. The only downside is the compatibility with other operating system other than Microsoft Windows.


In terms of the registration process, there is nothing special to talk about here. You can register a new account in just 2 minutes. ComeOn offers a 3 part form in which you have to enter your personal information. We must say it’s not our favorite registration form type, but gets the job done fairly well. At least the design is pretty nice and up-to-date. In order to be able to create an account on ComeOn, you have to be at least 18 years old and enter a valid payment method.


The website offers a large number of payment methods to our surprise. We most definitely didn’t expect that from a website that is just a few years old. Not only it keeps up with the competition, but it blasts out of the way some betting websites that have way more experience (it blasts them in the payment category at least). ComeOn offers one of the largest lists of supported payment and withdraw methods we have ever seen. Also in some cases ComeOn permits the user to deposit money in their account avoiding fees.

This is really nice! But let’s get back to the services themselves. Credit cards like Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro and MasterCard are supported. In terms of payment services you can deposit or withdraw with: Skrill, Neteller, Click2pay, PaySafe Card, Bpay, Poli, Instadebit and even PayPal is available.


Privacy in the online field is a very sensitive matter. And here we are not referring only to the gambling websites, but in general. Although we must point out that the gambling websites are among the top websites to take user data confidentiality very serious. And as you may have anticipated, ComeOn makes no exception in this case. The Website is secured with SSL and it provides encryption of the traffic, so other 3rd parties that do not have the legal rights to access the data won’t get anything out of it. In the privacy section on their website they state very clearly what information they’re collecting and storing on you and what is the purpose of it. We find this extremely helpful for those who are not that experienced in reading legal jargon, or maybe don’t want to read legal jargon. Cookies are also present for marketing and user experience improvements, but there is no personal information stored in those types of files. Huge plus for the privacy side of things!

How is the betting experience in one of the newest bookmakers platform?

Generally speaking, when you are new into a field you will have to take your time to learn and adapt as you make strategic moves for brand development. Some do it more quickly than others, when a few of them fail all together.

ComeOn in this case is a platform that does it remarkably well. When you compared them with older gambling platforms that maybe have some more experience in this field, ComeOn is onpoint with the big boys in many ways. It blown our expectations, we didn’t think for a second that they are so focused. ComeOn offers a large selection of sports and games with an interface that is updated to support the latest web standards. The website is fast and snappy even on a mobile device. The games provided in the platform are maintained and provided by one of the best gaming studios there is and protects its user privacy. And offers a refreshing look and feel, it shows us how a gambling platform should be in 2017.

ComeOn is worth to look into and we sincerely recommend it to you. Give it a spin and you will see that all the good points mentioned above will make it an alternative or an addition for the platforms that you are on already. There are some small stuff that we didn’t like that much, but in the end your opinion may vary. Create an account, place a few bets and tell us if you like it or not. Share your thoughts in the comments section below or on our forum.

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