Juventus – Real Madrid

Juventus – Real Madrid


The grand final of UEFA Champions League 2016/2017 comes again with a meeting between two biggest teams from Europe, Juventus from Italy, and Real Madrid from Spain. This last encounter will be played in Wales, at the Millennium Stadium from Cardiff, on 3 June 2017. In the previous stage of this competition, Juventus won the both matches against Monaco, with the scores 2-1 and 0-2, while Real Madrid won at home the match against Atlético Madrid with the score 3-0, and in the away match they lost with the score 2-1. In the previous years, these two teams have meet twice: in the Group B of Champions League 2013/2014, when Real Madrid won at home with the score 2-1, while the second match ended with a draw, score 2-2; and in the semifinals of Champions League 2014/2015, when Juventus won at home with the score 2-1, and the second round ended with the score 1-1. For this match it is hard to predict the winner, but we hope to see a quality match, with plenty of goals.


JuventusdrawReal Madrid


Home League DataJuventusReal Madrid
Avg. goals scored2.002.81
Avg. goals conceded0.721.11
Scoring Ratio2.772.53

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